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Meles Zenawi-installed ‘robber barons’ spoil the broth in Ethiopia’s single-party state, while drought & famine continue to assail, threaten lives of over 15 million citizens

22 Nov

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

This article is the second part of Meles Zenawi: The aspirant ‘grey eminence’ of Ethiopian politics…
II.   Drought, hunger and political deceit

“የውጭ ድርጅቶች ቃል ገብተዋል፡፡ እስካሁን የደረሰ ዕርዳታ ግን እስከዚህም ነው፡፡ መንግሥት ነው እስካሁን እየሠራ ያለው፡፡ በዋናነት የማስተባበር ሥራ የመንግሥት ድርሻ ነው” (UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION: Foreign organizations have pledged to help. However, to date not significant aid has been received. Therefore, the government is doing the heavy lifting, mainly in coordinating the tasks.”)

– Government spokesperson Getachew Reda
The Reporter on the Nov 16, 2015 encounter with the press


Weakest is the TPLF in controlling its lusts

From what we have so far known from daily life of Ethiopians, every facet of the nation suffers from serious lack of responsibility and accountability. These absences are further complicated by the lack of transparency and the rule of law. At every turn, in situations such as, for instance, the present drought and viewed against what is done and undone and the consequent information gap and the huge distrust out there citizens lives are complicated.
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A regime in denial of the severe drought & hunger in Ethiopia until it was late for many now says it’s been responsible humanitarian actor

19 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Jacey Fortin, NYT, Ethiopia, a Nation of Farmers, Strains Under Severe Drought

MIESO, Ethiopia — Every day, Yasin Mohammed Aliye stakes out a spot on his small farm to chew khat leaves, a stimulant, and guard against intruders.
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