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ግንቦት 20 የኢትዮጵያ የውርደት ቀን፡ ዉይይት ከዶር ደረጀ ዘለቀ ጋር! ለዘለቄታችን የሚበጅ አዕምሮና ኅሊና ባላቸው ዜጎች የሚታይ የሚደመጥ!

1 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TE))


ግንቦት 20፡ “ወያኔ የነውርና የነውረኞች ዘመን ነው! ብሔራዊ የውርደት ቀን!”


Dr, Dereje Zeleke: Fascist Italy built modern roads; should Ethiopia praise the fascist period because of roads the invaders built to advance their goal of colonial occupation?


It is not a mistake to assume that the ODP administration has wrong understanding of how much damage the TPLF has caused to Ethiopia and Ethiopians!  Of course, today’s cadres, despite TPLF’s bad treatment to citizens and Ethiopia shamefully see it as inevitability!



As observer, I have never seen Seyoum Teshome humbeled and as desperate- In his desperation, he turned to quoting figures the TPLF invented to justify its achievements of the past 27 years.

I urge everyone to listen to him making reference to Dergue efforts to produce weapons, in hige numbers & how it did not ‘amount to anything’ in terms of weaponry!

Seyoum ignores some important facts about the so-called TPLF weapons industry. He was in a rush to conclude it was useless! He ignores the very basis of TPLF’s weapons production, initially built by North Koreans! Those weapons were used in Somalia, for which UN had paid!

While a very informative exchange in defending our country and straigthening our country’s future, should we lend ears to the truth!

Unfortunately, for Seyoum it was an embarrassing one-to-one with the legal expert Dr. Dereje Zelalem! Seyoum took the popular view about the Dergue and rode the wrong horse to whip up the ‘ideological’ hatred, disguising the truth and beating up the horrendous Red Terror! 

Seyoum Teshme was another Ethiopian beaten and imprisoned by the TPLF, Tigray’s gangsters!



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