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Ethiopians Openly Turn Against US & UK-Backed TPLF’s Land Seizures; Ermias’s Testimony, Many Others

13 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Hilary Matfess*, Foreign Policy; See Comments

Backed by U.S. development aid, the Ethiopian government is seizing land, demolishing homes, and cracking down on activists in a bid to expand its capital city.

“Yehun and Miriam have little hope for the future. We didn’t do anything and they destroyed our house,” Miriam told me. “We are appealing to the mayor but there have been no answers. The government does not know where we live now, so it is not possible for them to compensate us even if they wanted.”
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Ethiopian gets legal aid from UK to sue HIM gov’t for giving aid to repressive TPLF, facilitating state violence, ethnic discrimination, internal colonialism

30 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory
By the MailOnline: Is this the most farcical use of taxpayers’ money ever: Ethiopian gets legal aid from UK – to sue us for giving aid to… Ethiopia

Intimidation: Riot police confront a man (not the claimant) near the Tegbareed Industrial College as officers beat rock-throwing students during a demonstration(Credit: MailOnline)

An Ethiopian farmer has been given legal aid in the UK to sue Britain – because he claims millions of pounds sent by the UK to his country is supporting a brutal regime that has ruined his life.

He says UK taxpayers’ money – £1.3 billion over the five years of the coalition Government – is funding a despotic one-party state in his country that is forcing thousands of villagers such as him from their land using murder, torture and rape.
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