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በ122ኛው የአድዋ ድል ዋዜማ ታሪካዊው ዘመነ ሚኒልክ ሲፈተሽ!

1 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

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‘Our children have been abducted & the Ethiopian gov’t is silent’: The added Gambella saga!

10 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Duach R. Mach, Nyamilepedia
Cross- border abductions of Ethiopian children has been an ongoing issue. Nine Ethiopian villages were attacked by Murles from South Sudan, searching for young children ranging from the ages of o-12 years old have been stolen from their homes, classrooms, and from their Ethiopian wonderful Ethiopian lives. The level of disparity that these families are suffering from is unimaginable. Fighting for the return of our children should remain continuous and must not stop until we see all our children safe in their own homes.
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Ethiopia & Egypt to ink ‘political deal’ over Nile water on side of AU summit: Hear ye it is minefield to walk in!

22 Jan

Editor’s Note:

    This is the most delicate stage of the negotiations with Egypt to ensure Ethiopia’s sovereignty over its natural resources, especially the Nile waters, without harming the interests of the upper riparian states.
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