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Egypt has traversed long distances to find some comfort in on-going construction of Ethiopia’s Nile dam

11 Nov

The Egyptian delegation during the fifth joint Egyptian-Ethiopian Committee (Credit: Al-Ahram Weekly)


By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

When I read Monday evening (Nov. 10) the one-paragraph story on Addis Fortune, titled The Construction of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam Will Cause No Harm to Egypt, attributed to Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, I was not certain how to take it. After all, it is just a quote from Addis Zemen, the Amharic daily, where TPLF-owned Ethiopian papers are given to promoting the Front’s propaganda, instead of writing information the people can read.
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The River Nile: Bridge or barrier? Who should answer this perennial question?

22 Oct

By Dosa El-Bey, Al-Ahram

The 25 January Revolution in Egypt put the issue of the water of the River Nile back at the top of the foreign-policy agenda. Diplomatic efforts at creating common interests and boosting economic cooperation seem to be the best way of managing conflicts arising from differences over the distribution of the river’s water, and the various countries involved have shown a willingness to build bridges in an effort to capitalise on mutual interests and bring about a win-win situation for all.
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