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Egypt enthused in finding African ally in Tanzania Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Dam as binder

24 Feb

Editor’s Note:

    It is one happy news that in a long time has brought smile on the face of Egyptian establishment. Unfortunately, Egyptian engineers at the State Information Service (SIS) – what they refer to as the gateway to Egypt – has not managed to complete its task of updating information on diplomatic relations yet.
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Of dams and droughts, or politics & muscle flexing over the Nile

25 Jan

Editor’s Note:

    Innuendos aside, the writer of this article Maghawry Shehata Diab claims:

    “The objections voiced by Egyptian experts of all relevant disciplines to this dam were not based on vague and alarmist speculations. Rather, they were informed by scientific, economic and engineering facts and figures that are set out in a report by the tripartite technical committee (made up of two experts each from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia and four impartial international experts).”

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Egypt may take Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia to Security Council

21 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory
By Walaa Hussien*, al-Monitor

After all attempts to solve the Egyptian-Ethiopian crisis over the Renaissance Dam at the negotiating table ended in failure after a third round of negotiations on Jan. 4, with Egypt withdrawing from the discussions and conferences being held in Khartoum, there is now talk at the governmental level about internationalizing the issue. At the same time, Egypt is witnessing rising popular demands to resort to the UN Security Council to establish Egypt’s right to veto the establishment of the Renaissance Dam, given the potential danger it represents to Egyptian water security.
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A post Meles future could bring end to tension over the Nile, Egypt’s latest imagination

5 Aug

By Joseph Mayton, Bikyamasr

CAIRO: An Egyptian ministry of water and irrigation told Bikyamasr.com on Sunday morning that with the combination of Egypt’s new President Mohamed Morsi and the potential of seeing a new leader in Ethiopia, they hoped the tension over Nile River water could be resolved.
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Egypt is losing its grip on the Nile

9 Apr

By Erin Cunningham

Egypt has long held unrivaled “historic rights” over nearly all of the Nile River’s resources. But now all that could be changing as upstream states like Ethiopia and Burundi seize on Egypt’s post-revolution political uncertainty to finally wrest at least some control of the world’s longest river. The result could be mean dire food and water shortages for Egypt, and maybe another revolution.
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What should Ethiopians expect from Meles’s two-day visit to Cairo?

15 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

Whether the official visit by the Ethiopian prime minister that takes place within a day or two would become successful, i.e., beneficial for Ethiopia, should not be a matter of judgment call. Nor should its outcome be seen as something that easily yields to embellishment by spin-doctors, adept at either sanitizing bad outcomes or fabricating non-existent successes, and citizens get distracted from its real contents.
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Is Ethiopia’s rendezvous with history really arriving, or are we in some fantasy?

24 May

“I don’t believe you should put the future on hold in order to bring the past to account.” 

 Mohammed Heikal’s advice to Egyptian revolutionaries, Al Ahram, 19 May 2011

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin


Ethiopia & Egypt: Fresh optimism for new beginning

The question of utilization of the Nile River is not simply a matter of national sovereignty or spiritual issue for Ethiopia, as Abbay has always been viewed by tradition. Nor is it mere symbol for demonstration of patriotism that would barely go beyond emotions and sentiments. This time with Ethiopia’s determination to utilize it effectively, the Nile must become the potent mechanism Ethiopia has needed to lift millions of its citizens out of abject poverty and jettison the country into the 21st century. Ethiopia’s determinations now in taking bold initiatives and the onset of changed attitudes in Egypt since its revolution have coincided to create positive environment for that.

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