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Can nations find ways to share water to avoid conflict? – The science perspective

29 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by John H. Lienhard and Kenneth M. Strzepek

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — On the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, construction is underway on a public works project of gigantic physical proportions and exquisite political delicacy. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, now about halfway finished, amounts to a test: With water becoming precious enough to be the stuff of war, can nations find ways to share it?
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Ethiopia & Egypt to ink ‘political deal’ over Nile water on side of AU summit: Hear ye it is minefield to walk in!

22 Jan

Editor’s Note:

    This is the most delicate stage of the negotiations with Egypt to ensure Ethiopia’s sovereignty over its natural resources, especially the Nile waters, without harming the interests of the upper riparian states.
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Addis Abeba – Cairo dance: Is more water allocation on offer or the answer to the puzzle?

28 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory
by Ahram Online: Ethiopia insistent on dam talks with Egypt: MENA
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