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Starvation looms as food runs out in drought-hit Ethiopia

22 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by AFP

The Somali people of Ethiopia’s southeast have a name for the drought that has killed livestock, dried up wells and forced hundreds of thousands into camps: sima, which means “equalised”.

It’s an appropriate name, they say, because this drought has left no person untouched, spared no corner of their arid region. And it has forced 7.8 million people across the whole of Ethiopia to rely on emergency food handouts to stay alive.
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Uneasy peace & simmering conflict: The Ethiopian town where three flags fly

16 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Tom Gardner in Moyale, The Guardian

Fresh tension in a disputed area has reopened old wounds between the Oromia and Somali states, as ethnic federalism fails to contain violence

Three different flags flutter in the breeze along the road that runs through Moyale in southern Ethiopia. The first is green, yellow and red: the colours of the Ethiopian federal state. Then, on the side of the road: red, black and white, with a tree in the centre, the colours of the Oromo. And a third: the green, white and red, with a camel in one corner, of Somalia.
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በአትላንታ የኦሮሞች ስብሰባ ላይ ምን ተከናወነ? አዘጋጆቹ ይናገራሉ!

15 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


The Big Debate:                             Beyond Assimilation & Accommodation, the resurgence of Oromo Nationalism

14 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Prof. Ezekiel Gabissa*

Ethiopia’s political history of the last half-century has been the pregressive unfolding of the twinned ideas of “land to the tiller question” and the “national question.” Two ideological factions coalesced around the question of nationalities: the ethno-nationalists who favored self-determination and the Ethiopianists who advocated granting regional autonomy to regions where centrifugal tendencies were evident.[1] In 1987, a constitution that established the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia partially adopted the Ethiopianists’ position by granting regional autonomy to five regions to diffuse demands for self-determination.[2] In 1991, the ethno-nationalists who favored self-determination ousted the Ethiopianists and vowed to construct a decentralized federal state of Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples.[3]
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የሕወሃት ትግራይ ጦር የገደላቸውን ሕዝቡ ሲቀብር በኃዘንተኞቹ ላይ አጋዚ አዲስ ተኩስ ከፈተ፤ የኦሮሚያ ሁኔታ አምርሯል፤ ቅዳሜ በመላው ኦሮሚያ የተቃውሞ ሠልፍ ይካሄዳል!

3 Aug

በከፍያለው ገብረመድኅን The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

ገና ከትግራይ ከመውጣታቸው በፊት፡ የወያኔ ወንበዴዎች ይታወቁ የነበረው በጭካኔያቸው መሆኑን ‘ስድሽተ ዜሮ’ የተሠኘው የኢሣት ዶኪመንተሪ አስተዋውቆን ነበር። ዛሬም ያንኑ ጭካኔ በሕዝባችን ላይ ከጋምቤላ እስከ ኦጋዴን ከኦሮሚያ እስክ ጎንደር፡ ከኦሞ ሸለቆ እስከ መሃል ሃገር በዙ መልኮቹ አይተናቸዋል። እያየናቸውም ነው።
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Ethiopia: A call to the true sons and daughters of Tigray

28 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Yohannes Berhe, Ottawa, Canada

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come” the great Victor Hugo uttered these enduring words more than a century ago. And yet, one would be hard pressed to find more fitting words to describe the crises currently unfolding in Ethiopia. A few months back it was the southern part of the nation (Oromigna speaking area of the nation to be precise) that was engulfed in a vast array of spontaneous protests against the TPLF dominated regime. The most recent one is Gonder, one of the northernmost and oldest regions of Ethiopia. Given the most stifling political environment and the complete shutdown of the political space, this worrisome development is not at all surprising. Added to the total lack of democratic legitimacy, the officially sanctioned ethnic policy is an aggravating factor that is pushing our country into uncharted water. The focus of my commentary is indeed to underscore the danger of this hyper-ethnicized political environment as far as the Tigrayan community is concerned.Map of Tigray region.
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ETHIOPIA: UNWORTHY US ALLY:     TPLF-ruled Ethiopia is considered a rogue nation at home & abroad, cruelly trampling freedoms & human rights of Ethiopian citizens

15 Jul

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin*, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime is a monster of terrible proportions, protected by powerful foreign governments that pander to it to benefit from its services as their foot soldier in Somalia and else where, and also for the returns on investments their investors make in the country at this difficult time in the global economy.
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Ethiopia’s Smoldering Oromo

11 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by James Jeffrey, IPS

The Oromo protests have reportedly resulted in deployment of the maroon-bereted agazi, an elite military force, to support police. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Apr 11 2016 (IPS) – The Ethiopian government’s most serious domestic political crisis in more than a decade began over a scruffy football field appropriated by local officials for development.
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