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‘TPLF Supreme Court’: Only in Ethiopia is ethnicity evidence for ‘justice’ to be done!

30 Apr

Editor’s Note:

    Blood is thicker than water, as the saying goes. The TPLF that always itches to rob by nationalizing enterprises of non-Tigreans today chosen to letting what is left of Esayas Bahre, former president of DBE. He along with seven or so TPLF senior members and generals fled the country with public funds to a Middle East country they have been hiding eEver since. As time goes by, the TPLF has been mum, not interested in their return and being held accountable.

    Why has the TPLF not sought to expedite their return to the country, activating the international mechanism, that is, the Interpol neglected?
    Are there tightly-kept secrets that could be spilled over regarding several TPLF generals, including Samora Yunus and Gen. Kinfe Dagnew, and many others?
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