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Ethiopian entrepreneurs struggle as command economy soars

18 Nov

Editor’s Note:

    This story would have been complete, if Aaron Maasho did not withhold on problems of the widespread inefficiency, political and economic corruption and nepotism – the latter an aspect of the ethnical political system citizens so much hate along with the ruling party. It is the sum of these that have been eating away the nation’s progress and the share of majority of citizens!

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
By Aaron Maasho

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – In Ethiopia, where state spending rather than private enterprise has been the driving force behind double-digit economic growth, tech entrepreneurs like Araya Lakew feel stuck in the slow lane.
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Ethiopia must avoid double-digit inflation, at all costs – World Bank

26 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Guang Z. Chen, WB country director for Ethiopia

The World Bank this year set a record high funding to Ethiopia.

UntitledThe record was set both in terms of disbursement and commitment. Guang Zhe Chen, director of WB for Ethiopia, speaks about issues pertinent to the economy. One such case, perhaps, is access to finance. Manufacturing and the private sector is the other topic where Chen shared his views. Birhanu Fikade of The Reporter sat down with the country director to talk about the recent recurrent budget. Chen warns that Ethiopia should not go back to the double-digit inflationary status following the salary adjustments. Excerpts:
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IMF: Ethiopian economy needs revamp to avert slowdown

6 Nov

Editor’s Note:

    In these past two years in particular, the IMF has been behaving towards Ethiopia very politely. It has been prefacing all its observations in the framework of Article IV on the country’s macroeconomic situation with praises of the policy or otherwise actions taken by Ethiopian officials.
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UN Africa Economic Report 2013 makes Ethiopia defensive

30 Sep

by Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory

The September 28, 2013 issue of The Reporter has very well reflected the nervousness Addis Abeba has experienced since last Thursday. This follows the launch by the UN Economic commission for Africa (ECA) of its flagship publication the Economic Report on Africa 2013.
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The investment paradox that is Ethiopia

4 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

This past week, a high-profile Kenyan business delegation visited Ethiopia to scout for private investment opportunities.

They will, like many other curious foreign investors, most likely have come away encouraged by the market potential and momentum in the country of 85 million.
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Vacuum created by Meles’s absence could be Ethiopia’s democratic opportunity

13 Aug

By Alula Alex Iyasu, Managing Director, Bridge International

Rahm Emanuel , President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, was often heard saying, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Asked to explain what he meant, he said, “Crisis presents an opportunity to allow you to do things you thought you couldn’t do.”
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July data: Despite Meles’s absence double-digit inflation foreseen beyond 2012

10 Aug

by Keffyalew Gebremedhin

If the monthly report by the Ethiopian Central Statistics (CSA) is something to go by, Ethiopia’s moving average rate of inflation for the month of July bears no good news at all to policy-makers and the country as a whole.
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The Word on Women – Food Insecurity and the Energy Crisis Result in Grabbing Land from Women

18 Feb

By Lydia Alpizar Duran, Trust Law

Once the most frequented source of poster images depicting starving children, Ethiopia is now in the media for a new reason: as the go-to destination, ironically, for foreign companies and governments leasing land to grow food and biofuels.
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