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10 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

“It is possible to take seriously both the potential harm in hate speech and Roosevelt’s warning about censorship. There can be little doubt that what the scholar Susan Benesch calls “dangerous speech” has contributed to atrocities and even genocide in places including Rwanda, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. But outside narrow categories of speech that may incite violence, it is difficult to define hate speech without affecting political speech or targeting specific groups. This is amply demonstrated by Guterres himself, since he seems to include fake news in the category of hate speech.”

—The U.N. Hates Hate Speech More Than It Loves Free Speech


“Though hate crime laws are intended to protect minorities from unnecessary cruelty, they ultimately grant more power to people who are likely to abuse it. When legislation targets speech– especially abhorrent speech–it becomes a way for the powerful to subjugate others and evade responsibility.”

The Harms of Hate Crime Laws Are Becoming More and More




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