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Worrying evidences of Ethiopia recruiting religious leaders as state agents against society emerge

6 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    In reading the news report hereunder, I am shaken by extent of the desperation that has set in within the ranks of the TPLF. This has significantly hardened their policies and abilities to run the country, which poses serious risks to our nation’s future and our people’s wellbeing.
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Our best friend’s barbarism: ICC-indictee Al-Bashir to whip woman for uncovered hair & go to heaven

5 Nov

Sudanese Amira Osman Hamed speaks with an AFP journalist during an interview in Khartoum. Hamed says she is prepared to be flogged to defend the right to leave her hair uncovered in defiance of a “Taliban”-like law. She faces a possible whipping if convicted at a trial which could come on September 19. Under Sudanese law her hair – and that of all women – is supposed to be covered with a “hijab” but Hamed, 35, refuses (Courtesy: AFP, ASHRAF SHAZLY

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

A Sudanese woman accused of “indecent” attire because she refused to cover her hair remains in legal limbo after a court appearance.
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