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በኦሮሚያ ምዕራብ አርሲ በተቀሰቀሰ ግጭት ሰባት ፖሊሶች ተገደሉ ይላል ሚኒስትር ጌታቸው ረዳ               – ስንት ወጣቶች እንደተረሸኑ ግን አልገለጸም!

17 Feb

በከፍያለው ገብረመድኅን The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

ከሕወሃት ቃል አቀባይ በአርሲ በመካሄድ ላይ ስላለው ሕዝባዊ አመጽ የራሱን ጥምዘዛ ጨምሮበት የተሠጠው መግለጫ፣ አርሲ ውስጥ በስፋትና በተለይም ኮፈሌ ውስጥ በአጋዚ ነሐሴ 3/2012 በግፍ የተረሸኑትን የኦሮሞ ወጣት ተማሪዎችና ገበሬዎች ጭፍጨፋና ግድያ ያስታውሰኛል። በወቅቱ ሕወሃት በወሰደው እርምጃ የተገደሉትና በገፍ የታሠሩት 1,500 ተቃዋሚዎች የእስልምና እምነት ተከታይ ሽብር ፈጣሪዎች አደጋ ሊያደርሱ ሲሞክሩ ተደርሶባቸው ነው ብሎ ነበር።
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Ending government intolerance of Islam in Ethiopia

11 Nov

By Alemayehu Fentaw

Another reason why the Ethiopian Government’s actions are misguided is because Islam has been historically a decentralized religious institution in Ethiopia. With the formal establishment of the Majlis by the Ethiopian Government in 1976, it has enjoyed an official governmental status, with its chairman considered by the government as “representative of the entire Muslim community,” and is accorded the same courtesies as the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, the Bishop of the Catholic Church, and the Head of the Protestant Churches in public ceremonies. Historically, it has always been the responsibility of local mosques to appoint clerics, which makes the Ethiopian Government’s effort to control each and every mosque in the country through the Majlis untenable. It simply doesn’t work that way.
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