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Greenland’s humane prisons experience, if torcher-loving TPLF regime could pick a lesson, despite the nation’s poverty!

17 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Sarah Lazarus

CNN) – Nestled into the stunning Arctic landscape with panoramic views of sparkling fjords and snowy mountains, Ny Anstalt could easily be mistaken for a luxury ski lodge. But this stylish complex in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is actually a prison.

As any onlooker can deduce, when it opens in 2019 it will not be a normal penitentiary. It will be a “humane prison” — a correctional facility that emphasizes rehabilitating criminals through positive design, rather than punishment.
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Is there anything the TPLF doesn’t accuse anyone of something, including Ethiopians ‘as anti-peace’ & Eritrea of ‘hijacking Oromo protests’? Better attend to Gadaa’s ultimatum!

26 Feb

Editor’s Note:

    Strangely, the TPLF has not yet attributed El Niño’s cause to Oromos, Amharas, Gambellans & the Ethiopian diaspora, etc., with whom it speaks of having problems day and night rain or shine!

    Nor has it made any allegations thus far about the ultimatum the Oromia Gadaa Council has issued to the Front this week strongly and openly condemning its mass killings. Unfortunately, some news get to the TPLF very late. In short, there is no one that is spared of any accusations or responsibility for its failures, save itself.
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Ethiopia: America’s 11th of the “25 Most Awkward Allies” in the world

3 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

Courtesy of Ngwane

Courtesy of Ngwane


    UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) said of the Ethiopian regime, “its approach to political governance presents both substantive challenges to sustainable development and reputational risks to partners.”

by Politico Magazine

In its March/April 2014 issue, Politico magazine decided to explore the world of Obama’s foreign policy. In there, it discovered all of America’s 25 Most Awkward Allies. For the insight Politico gained about this, it credits National Security Advisor Susan Rice, noting she has “offered a remarkably candid insight into Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”
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Ethiopia’s Muslim protests, IRIN analysis

16 Nov
    “The Muslim leaders and others, should be immediately released unless the government can produce credible evidence of unlawful activity. The fact that many of the detainees have been in detention for over three months without charge does raise questions about the existence of such evidence”

    – Human rights Watch

ADDIS ABABA, 15 November 2012 (IRIN) – Tensions have been simmering over several months between Muslims and the government, with thousands holding demonstrations in protest at the government’s alleged interference in religious affairs; the government has blamed the protests on a small group of extremists.
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