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How an Ethiopia-backed port is changing power dynamics in the Horn of Africa

20 Mar

Editor’s Note:

    In Early 1990s, TPLF berated all Ethiopian nationalists for raising huge concerns about the TPLF reducing the country into becoming landlocked. Today, Djibouti, like Somalia has found out friendship with the TPLF means constantly watching for once’s back.

    In those early days, the TPLF lectured Ethiopians port is just mere commodity. When it found out in office is is more than a commodity, the TPLF went into its usual cunning and hoodwinking Somaliland, the cat in its armpit, into surrendering 19 percent of the port.

    As I tried to show in recent article, the TPLF has gone even into exploiting its presence in Somalia to keep that country in permanent state of internal division, conflicts and Al-Shabaab an ever present threat! What has always amazed me is US trust of the notorious TPLF loansharks!

    A point of disagreement with the authors of the article this page has about their claim relates to: “But one aspect will not be in question: Ethiopia’s rising power and influence over the entire region.” They may be unaware the TPLF, rejected by the Ethiopian people, is on its last leg, I may say, to the cold grave — because of its human rights crimes and corruption!

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What’s the TPLF thinking getting Oromo residents in Somaliland beaten & persecuted?

26 Sep

Editor’s Note:

    It seems the TPLF has indeed opened its Ethiopia and Horn of Africa’s “Pandora’s box”.

    This phrase from Greek mythology inevitably brings to mind the story of Pandora, the first woman the gods created by their joint efforts as part of the punishment of humanity on Earth for Prometheus‘ theft of the secret of fire to give it to mankind.

    Hence from it has derived the phrase opening Pandora’s box. It has come to mean, seemingly small or inconsequential action, which turns out to be dangerous and harmful.
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Over 250,000 Stranded Horn Refugees in Yemen, Majority Are Ethiopians; UNHCR Plans to Resettle 100k of Them in Relatively Stable Somaliland, Puntland & Djibouti. As Ethiopian Refugees Continue to Arrive Into The Fire, Ethiopia Tellingly No Option Even As Temporary Holding Point!

22 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Michael Pizi, Aljazeera

Tens of thousands of East African refugees and asylum-seekers are at risk of being left behind in Yemen’s roiling violence, deprived not only of safe options for evacuation but also of a home country that might take them in, activists and U.N. officials said this week.
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Choking landlocked Ethiopia signs agrt with Sudan to use Port Sudan in its foreign trade; Djibouti nationals given special status

31 Dec

Editor’s Note:

In its trouble to get access to international market, Ethiopia since the past two decades has been bending in every direction to get port services – Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somaliland, Sudan – thanks to the sins of the criminal Meles Zenawi and the TPLF.
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