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Making sense of Dec. 15 – the start of South Sudan’s war: “No Nuer country without Dinka!” – Part 2

8 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by John A. Akec* (The article has elicited 13 comments (some repeated).

January 5, 2013 – It is a daunting task trying to sum up in one article the myriad of political causes behind three weeks of catastrophic violence in South Sudan in which over a thousand lives have been lost, tens of thousands displaced, incalculable damage inflicted on the national economy, and human rights and security undermined by the parties involved in the conflict.
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Making sense of Dec. 15 – the start of South Sudan’s war: “No Nuer country without Dinka!” – Part 1

6 Jan

Editor’s Note:

    Like in all other conflicts, there are two parties in the war raging in South Sudan. This article has elicited 12 comments. About 60 percent of the commenters accuse the writer of reflecting the ruling SPLA government’s view. Judge for yourselves.

Posted by The Ethiopia observatory

By John A. Akec*

December 30, 2013 – It is slow and difficult to build anything worthwhile, but it takes just a few reckless hands to bring to naught what has taken years, many hands, and resources to construct. Thus, goes the perceived wisdom. And of all humanity’s endeavours everywhere, nothing surpasses the continuous struggle to achieve peace and to maintain it.
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500 South Sudanese killed; anti-Juba rebels capture key town of Bor

19 Dec

BBC report
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

South Sudanese rebels have taken over a key town, the military has said, as fighting continues after Sunday’s reported coup attempt.
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