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Ethiopia under a state of emergency law finally wants change:             “People no longer agree to the old way in which this country has been governed”

28 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Journalist Elli-Alina Hillamo, Iltalehti*

Ethiopia got a new Prime Minister as a result of prolonged protests. It is hoped that he would be welcomed, but Merera Gudina, who has just been released from prison, it’s no time yet to be happy.

Ethiopian opposition leader Merera Gudina’s home is hard to find. The streets of the outskirts of Addis Ababa are suspicious of people asking his whereabouts. “Are you to hurt him?” asks a young man at the junction of the sand dunes.
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ሕወሃት የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ጠላት ነው! ሕወሃቶች በኦሮሚያ የጀመሩትን ኅብረተሰብ የማጥፋት እኩይ ተግባር መቋቋም የኢትዮጵያውያን ሁሉ የወቅቱ አስገዳጅ ተግባር ነው! — መደመጥ ያለበት!

15 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


    *   የነደጅ ዕቀባው እንዴት እየተካሄደ ነው?

    *   ዕቀባውን ባለመቀበል የተንቀሳቀስ የነዳጅ ቦቴ ከነነዳጁ ምሥራቅ ጎጃም ውስጥ ወድሟል!

    *   የኦሮሞና የአማራ ትብብር ቀና መሥመር ይዟል! የጋራ ትግሉም ፍሬ እያሳየ ነው! ፍሬው እንዲጎመራ የትብብር ጥረቱ መጠናከር ይኖርበታል!

    *   ከእንግዲህ የጦር ወንጀለኛ የሆኑት የሕወሃት ጭራቆችን ሳይደመስስ፣ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ክንዱ አይታጠፍም!



ወያኔ በየሥፍራው ወገኖቻችንን እየጨፈጨፈ ነው! በዛሬው ዕለት 15 ዜጎች ቦረና ውስጥ በአጋዚ ተረሽኑ!

10 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


የእነርሱ ልጆችና የኛ ልጆች

Fana picture

ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ዛሬ ይህ ወንጀል በሕወሃት ጦር ዜጎቻችን ላይ ሲፈጸም፣ መቀሌዎች ዳንስና ጭፈራ ላይ ናቸው ነገያቸውን እየገነቡ! በፋና እንደተነገረን ከሆነ፣ ትግራይ 362 የሕክምና ባለሙያዎች ዛሬ አስመረቃለች – ከነዚህም መካከል 157ቱ የሕክምና ዶክተሮች!

ቦረናና ሌላው የኢትዮጵያ ክፍሎች ግን በሕወሃት እሥራት፡ ግራፋትና ጭፍጨፋ ምክንያት የኃዘንና የቁጭት ቀን ሆኖአል!

Press Availability: US Secretary of State of the United States and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Rex Tillerson:

“Ethiopia is a large-population country, they are an important security partner in areas that I’ve already touched upon, and we also see Ethiopia’s journey towards democracy – I think 27 years now, which is a long time, but it’s a young democracy, and as I indicated, democracies are challenging. It’s not easy to take a country forward as a democracy. And so we’re here also to support Ethiopia’s journey towards a democratic society and institutions.”

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Ethiopia is at the precipice

26 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Shanon Ebrahim, IOL Group Foreign Editor
Never have the stakes in Ethiopia been so high – political tensions are at a knife-edge, and the future stability of the country and its prospects for development hang in the balance.

Up until the last few weeks, most of the country’s opposition leaders and many of their supporters have been locked up as political prisoners. But with the groundswell of popular discontent and burgeoning street protests, the government was compelled to release more than 6 000 political prisoners last month, another 700 two weeks ago, and a further 1 500 on Wednesday. Famous journalists Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage, as well as prominent Oromo opposition leaders Bekele Gerba and Merera Gudina were among those recently released.
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