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US Envoy expresses solidarity with Ethiopian government & people

27 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

by US Embassy

“Those of you who follow our policies, programs, and comments know how strongly and consistently we support a united Ethiopia working together for peace, prosperity, and political inclusiveness. And you know we stand shoulder to shoulder with all Ethiopians of good will working to achieve these outcomes.

We are deeply troubled by the recent hatred, inflammatory language, and violence, as we are by all such incidents in Ethiopia. Violence and hatred are the solution to exactly none of Ethiopia’s challenges. As we have done before, do now, and hope not to have to do in the future, we condemn in the strongest terms all those who engage in violence and all those who incite violence. There is no justification for such behavior, ever.

For Ethiopia to build the peaceful, prosperous, and politically inclusive future that so many of you tell us you want to see, Ethiopians must unify around, and work toward, that vision. Anyone who undercuts these efforts undercuts the best interests of all Ethiopians, now and in the future. In the end, each of us is responsible for our actions and decisions. Provoking violence is morally reprehensible. So too is failing to reject such provocation.

All of us have the freedom — and more importantly, the responsibility — to choose peace, unity, and tolerance. There is never a good reason to do otherwise.”

Mike Raynor, US Ambassador

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Refugees returning from Yemen left in the streets: The state is under obligation to facilitate their reintegration into society

17 Apr
Yemen returning Ethiopian refuges (photo Reporter)

Yemen returning Ethiopian refuges (photo Reporter)

Editor’s Note: Under national and international law, states have obligations towards their own citizens. States also have obligations towards each other. That is why Ethiopia agreed with Yemen for their return as its citizens from their refuge in that country.
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