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Ethiopia: Another Liquidity Crisis within Three Months!

18 Apr

Editor’s Note:

    This, ought to be expected. Under unaccountable system of governance, when the going gets rough, there are bound to be official recourses to such nationally disastrous actions, perhaps not unlawful, but harmful as they may be to the broader society.

    The author is right, in democratic countries, the regulator, i.e., the central bank, operates with the nation’s interests at heart. Unfortunately, the heart of those in power and the regulators in Ethiopia are in the same place: upkeeping and, if possible, continuity of the beleaguered regime in Ethiopia as ther primary goal.
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የአገሪቱ የውጭ ምንዛሪ ክምችት የ2 ነጥብ 2 ወራት የገቢ ንግድን ይሸፍናል – ተክለወልድ አጥናፉ

17 May
    የአዘጋጁ አስተያየት

    ጊዜው በገፋ መጠን በውጭ ንግዷ ሳይሆን፡ ሃገሪቱ በውጭ ግል ሃዋላ መኖር ጀምራለች ማለት ይሆን? በዚህ በዘጠኝ ወር ውስጥ፡ ከዶላር አንጻር የኢትዮጵያ ብር 5.8% ወርዷል። ይህ በውጭ ገበያ ተወዳዳሪነትን ይጨምራል ብንል እንኳ፡ የሃገሪቱ የውጭ ምንዛሪ ክምችት የጨመረው በሽቀጦች ንግድ መሻሻልና ገቢያችን በመጨመሩ ምክንያት እይደለም።
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Remittances outperform exports, a sign of further troubles in Ethiopia’s economy

28 Mar

By Kirubel Tadesse

As remittances surge outperforming revenues from the country’s exports, says the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE).

Poor export income means the country’s already ailing trade balance is worsening as growth of imports, on top of hyper inflation, outpace exports’ small growth, further burdening the economy.
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NBE Governor seriously concerned by challenges inflation has posed and unsustainability of Ethiopia’s worsening trade imbalance

24 Mar

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

In his report to parliament, the Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) Teklewold Atnafu on Thursday disclosed that Ethiopia’s inflationary situation has boxed the country into “not easily surmountable problem.”

He said measures being taken to narrow the worsening trade imbalance alongside efforts to stabilize the market against the backdrop of world prices instability have exacerbated the trade deficit problem. He indicated that the country’s inflation is basically dependent on commodities the country imports and exports.
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