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Tempering Ethiopian expectations about political changes they want in the face of unkind reality

26 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    Thank you Addis Fortune for reading my mind. Your admonition is welcome. It pleads, urging us “a reality check is in order”!

    Not that I am aware of differences of views with those I had appealed to during the last week on the same matter. This includes my two reactions both on my Facebook and TEO, to the so-called latest information from within TPLF/EPRDF.

    Basically, I was stressing the need for circumspection. Even if some individuals with access to the EPRDF meetings had provided some in the diaspora good information, I was constrained by a concern that riding on it could be detrimental to attaining the overall goal, especially the change we all badly seek for our country.

    True, to the mentality issues we suffer in Ethiopia on the question of information monopoly, either exaggeration of its importance, or the holder considering it power over others, I have been truly troubled by it. This has all the more made worry about the future of our country, although nobody anymore should easily surrender to pretenders.
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