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Freedom House: Dozens of Ethiopian protestors killed; urges respect for constitutional rights

10 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

In response to Ethiopian security forces killing dozens of protesters in the Amhara and Oromia regions during protests on August 6-7, Freedom House issued the following statement:
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Dozens killed in Ethiopia, as TPLF police use excessive force against peaceful protesters

9 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes

At least 97 people were killed and hundreds more injured when Ethiopian security forces fired live bullets at peaceful protesters across Oromia region and in parts of Amhara over the weekend, according to credible sources who spoke to Amnesty International.
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Let’s Rescue The TPLF :                     A project of sorts or coincidence?

9 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

I have had the opportunity to go through Dr. Gelawdewos Araia’s 25-page Pan-Ethiopian Agenda Vs Sectarian Ethnocentric Politics of August 4, 2016, appearing on Tigrai Online.
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Oromo protests expose TPLF’s misgovernance & corruption; casts huge shadow over Ethiopia’s construction boom

21 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by William Davison, Bloomberg

Ethiopian farmer Mulugeta Mezemir on his farmland in front of Country Club Developers properties in Addis Ababa, Ehiopia. Photographer: William Davison/Bloomberg

      * Building glut seen fueling biggest political crisis in decade

      * Fatal land protests near capital have raged since November

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TPLF-instigated ethnic conflicts increase Ethiopia’s instability: Gambella’s case & Nuer & Anyuak fights, a feature of TPLF’s divide & rule to permanently force them lose their lands

31 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

January 29, 2016 (GAMBELLA) – Deadly clashes occurred on Thursday and continued on Friday in the Ethiopian region of Gambella between the two majority communities: Nuer and Anyuak.
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ለኢቢሲ 50ኛ ዓመት በዓል የተመደበው ዘጠኝ ሚሊየን ብር ወደ ሶስት ሚሊዮን ተቀነሰ!                           – ፀረ ሙስና ኮሚሽን አልሰማሁም አለ!

12 Dec

የአዘጋጁ አስተያየት፦

    ሃገራችንን እግዚአብሄር በተአምሩ ይታደጋት እንጂ – የግብዣ ነገር ሲነሳ – አንድ ያስገረመኝ ነገር ሕዝቡ በሚሊዮኖች በርሃብ እየተቆላ፡ ብአዴን የብር 300 ሚሊዮን ደግሶ መምነሽነሹ ነበር!
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TPLF once again turns Oromo schools & universities into torture & killing fields to stop students from protesting land grab in & around Addis Abeba

1 Dec

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

ESAT on November 30 reported that three students were feared dead at Haramaya University in Harar, Eastern Ethiopia. This is a consequence of the beatings by army commandos and police of unarmed students peacefully protesting TPLF land grab.
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UPDATE: በሞላ አስገዶም የሚመራው ‘የደሕሚት ጦር ከነሙሉ ትጥቁ ከሱዳን ወደ ሃገሩ በሰላም ገባ’ ይላል ሕወሃት!

13 Sep

በከፍያለው ገብረመድኅን – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

የሕወሃት ዜና አገልግሎት ፋና ዛሬ እንደዘገበው፡ ከኤርትር ሱዳን ገብቶ የነበረው በሞላ አስገዶም ሲመራ የነበረው የደሕሚት ጦር በሱዳን መልካም ፈቃድ በሁመራ በኩል ለኢትዮጵያ ተላልፎ ተሰጥቶአል። የጦሩ ብዛትም ከ700 በላይ መሆኑን የዜና ምንጩ ገልጿል።

በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ፡ የከዳው የድሕሚት ጦር ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ሲገባ በመንገድ ላይ ትንኮሳ ሊፈጥሩበት ጥረት ያደረጉ የሻዕቢያ ሀይሎችን እየደመሰሰ ነው ወደ እናት ሀገሩ የገባው ይላል የፋና ዜና።

ቀደም ሲል፡ የሱዳን ትሪቡን ከቱርክ ዜና አገልግሎት አናዶሉን ያገኘውን መረጃ መሠረት በማድረግ የሞላ አስገዶም ክፋይ ጦር ሱዳን መግባቱን የተገለጸው ዜና ትክክል መሆኑን የሕወሃትም አዲሱ መረጃ ያረጋግጣል። ነገር ግን ፋናም ለምን ሞላ አስገዶም ወደ ክህደት አንዳመራ የተሠጠ መግለጫ የለም።

ይህ ሁኔታ በኤርትራ አመራርና በአርበኞች ግንቦት 7 ላይ ከፍተኛ ተጽእኖ እንደሚፈጥር አያጠራጥርም!

ለመሆኑ ሞላ አስገዶምና ክፋይ ጦሩ የሕወሃት ሰላዮች ነበሩ ማለት ነውን?

ይህ ሁኔታ፡ ከአርበኞች ግንቦት ሰባት ጥርት ያለመረጃ ያላንዳች መዘግየት እንዲጠበቅ አድርጓል!

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    ሰበር ዜና: የዴምህት ሊቀመንበርና ከ600 በላይ የሚቆጠሩ የንቅናቄው አባላት ከኤርትራ ኮበለሉ


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