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Trump’s America could look a lot like Kenya: Guileless observant lens!

18 Nov

Editor’s Note:

    The original article by Patrick Gathara on The Washington Post appeared with the title How America Could Become an African Country. Key there is the assistance by the International Criminal Court (ICC), according to Charles Onyango-Obbo, as Patrick Gathara attests. It is said that the ICC had finally rendered Kenya an African country. This is a description of how Kenya became just like the other authoritarian African states. That truth saddens us!


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Patrick Gathara*
Trevor Noah, the South African comedian and host of “The Daily Show,” a popular late-night news satire and talk show in the United States, once described Donald Trump as America’s first African president. In fact, Americans could do worse than look to the continent in general, and Kenya in particular, for a preview of what life under a Trump administration would be like.
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