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Power play from commanding heights of Ethiopia’s economy; how many power centers does TPLF have anyways, such as WAFA?

7 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
Addis Fortune’s Fineline

Several heads of state from the African continent descended this week on Washington DC, to attend the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit. It appears to be part of a great rivalry between countries, such as China, primarily, but also Japan, India and Turkey. All have their respective editions of summits with African leaders, gossip observed. Considering that the United States is hosting a leaders’ summit with Africa for the first time, it could be seen as part of a global competition to get the attention of Africa and its leaders, according to some.
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Gambella villagization — tidbit of truths slowly emerging in defiance of coverups & falsehoods

16 Feb

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

The objections and criticisms to the resettlement programs in Ethiopia, past and present, are not fostered or designed by someone or a sinister group out there to render Ethiopia squishy because of ideological hostility to the country and its leaders, as the prime minister on 8 February 2012 alluded in parliament during the question and answer session. Also it is not based on opposition by the international community to settlements per se, i.e., as if it were a taboo of sorts.
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