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ለማ በገበያ — በተመስገን ደሣለኝ

7 Dec

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)




Press Availability: US Secretary of State of the United States and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Rex Tillerson:

“Ethiopia is a large-population country, they are an important security partner in areas that I’ve already touched upon, and we also see Ethiopia’s journey towards democracy – I think 27 years now, which is a long time, but it’s a young democracy, and as I indicated, democracies are challenging. It’s not easy to take a country forward as a democracy. And so we’re here also to support Ethiopia’s journey towards a democratic society and institutions.”

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ሆ! ሆ! ሆ! በኢትዮጵያና በሳዑዲ አረቢያ መካከል የሠራተኛ ስምሪት ስምምነት ተፈረመ! ፈቃድ የሌላቸው አብዛኞ ዜጎች መመለስ እንደማይሹ ይሰማል!

26 May

የአዘጋጁ ቅሬታ

    የሕወሃት ባለሥልጣኖች ስለሳኡዲ-ኢትዮጵያ አዲስ ስምምነት ይህንን ሰሞን ሲደሰኩሩ ይሰማል። ይኽውም አፍንጫቸውን ተይዘው (እነርሱ እንደሚሉት ደግሞ ለዜጎቻችን ተቆርቁረው) በሳውዲ ነባርና ግትር አቋም ላይ ተስማምተው ጀብዱና የዜጎችን መብት የሚያሰክር ሙያ እንደሠሩ ነው የሚናገሩት በተለይ የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ዶክተሩን ላዳመጠ!

    ‘በፈጣን የዕድገት ጎዳና’ ላይ የምትገኘው ሕወሃቶች የሚመዘብሯት ኢትዮጵያ ግን፣ ሕወሃት — ትራምፕ ሳውዲዎቹን ሲያቅፍ በማየታቸው — እምቢ ሲሉ የኖሩትን አንፈርምም ያሉትን ስምምነት ተፈራረምን ብለው ሲደሰኩሩ መስማቱ ያማል። ወደ መቶ ሺ የሚጠጉትንና ገና ሃገር ለቀው የሚሰደዱትን ወጣቶቻችን ጭምር ለሳኡዲዎቹ ግርድና ስምምነት አሳልፈው ሠጥተዋል ማለት ነው!
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Lack of finance forces Ethiopia to shelve 3 railway projects; Minister tells parliament road construction progress slow & below average

26 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

In submitting the ten-month accomplishments report of his office to parliament, Minister of Transport Workineh Gebeyhu told the members last week that he saw the ministry’s overall performance as average. However, the sense conveyed in the minister’s implicit rating was almost bordering the mediocre.
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