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Severe drought threatens lives in Ethiopia’s Afar region, in a country once known for epic famines

31 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)</em
by Elisa Meseret, Associated Press

DUBTI, Ethiopia (AP) — Morbid thoughts linger on people’s minds here. The crops have failed and farm animals have been dying amid severe drought that has left Ethiopia appealing for international help to feed its people.
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THE HORROR OF DROUGHT: The calamities have worsened due to state unpreparedness & human wickedness!

19 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    While it is a good effort, to the extent that someone has travelled 7,000k and undertaken 18 days journey. And yet, the horror has not come out as promised by Dawit, who has described the drought as: “the worst drought that the country has ever experienced in its history.”
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